Monday, August 15, 2011

Pet Girl: One More Offensive Iphone App, for the Misogynist Who Has Everything!

Awesome! You can keep this lovely lady as a pet, right on your Iphone! How convenient! According to itunes preview, the point of the game is to "take care of cute girls and satisfy their 3 levels of needs." Ew.

Your new pet's needs apparently include:

"1. Make sure she eats the hamburger that she wants.
2. When she is full, have her exercise by using jump-rope to maintain her weight.
3. When she is done exercising, adjust the temperature for her shower."


Iphone apps can be created by anyone, but offensive apps are suppose to be removed. And yet this is considered acceptable? Really Apple? While it's not the most offensive app I've ever seen, (that prize goes to the one I saw a guy show off in a bar once that involved slapping a black woman's cartoonishly large ass while she screamed progressively louder and more painfully. That's a real gem.) it's always disturbing to see yet another game that's centered around controlling a woman for fun. It seems simple and innocent enough, but really has extremely patriarchal undertones. The idea of keeping a woman as a pet and caring for her as you would an animal (actually it's more similar to a tamagatchi than a real pet.. remember those things?!?) is obviously disturbing and recalls archaic gender structures, but the tasks you have to do to keep her happy really bug me out. You feed the lady a hamburger, and then help her burn it off by jump roping??! It's a hands-on approach to controlling your lady through the beauty standard. By controlling her diet and making sure it's unhealthy, and then forcing her to exercise because she's such a piglet, you make sure she feels bad enough about her body that her self-esteem is low enough to stick with your sorry ass. Classy. And the shower thing? You control her water temperature to keep her happy? Yea, ladies are really incapable of TURNING A FAUCET. My lady-brain and dainty lady-hands are simply too small for such a task!

This most disturbing line from the description:

"Her expression will change depending upon her mood and you can see her reaction to your touch."

The thought of creepers touching their girl-pets to watch her reaction is giving me the stabby gross-outs. Bleeegghhh.

Pet Girl for Iphone

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